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malaysia mid range reader parking access
AR200U is a mid range reader for parking card access system that can penetrate most solar film in market to offer affordable mid range reading without winding down windows. User can comfortably flash their card from inside the car. AR200U uses passive RFID long range card and is compatible with most vehicle car park access control system.

AR200U help automate and secure your guard house parking card access. Now you can go home feeling safer while enjoying the convenient offered by our advance RFID mid range technology. Ideal solution for budget residential or commercial premise.

Following video show solar film performance of AR200U mid range reader. The key advantage of AR200U is ability to penetrate premium solar film such as Vkool to allow you scan access card from the comfort inside your car.

How it works?


malaysia medium range reader proximity card

Benefit of AR200U?

        • No need to wind down windows.You can touch card from inside your car
        • No more getting hand wet during rainy days
        • Eliminate waiting time for power windows to come down thus allowing car to pass through faster, this reduce congestion during peak hours
        • Better security reduce risk of robbery at car point
        • Passive card does not required battery

AR200U advance technology

MAG AR200U is using EXRF technology to achieve more stable and powerful RF signal that can penetrate most solar film brand in market. AR200U EXRF antenna has bigger area cross section to generate higher energy RF. CDS18L mid range range proximity card also use EXRF antenna technology to enhance reading receiving distance. EXRF will energize CDS18L to retrieve card number thus eliminating the need for battery.

Site Implementation

AR200U Site


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