TTS721-MAG Full Height Turnstile
TTS721-MAG Full Height Turnstile TTS721-MAG Full Height Turnstile Full Height Turnstile Turnstile Selangor, Klang, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL) Supplier, Installation, Supply, Supplies | CT Jaya Makmur Sdn Bhd

TTS721 semi-auto full height turnstile is a type of pedestrian gate typically installed
at the outer entrance of a building with an access control reader to restrict unauthorized
access. The tall cage prevents the user from climbing over or crawling under to cheat
access without the supervision of a security guard. TTS721 is the most secured type
mong all our pedestrian gates.



A robust and tough gate is important especially when you use it outdoor. An intruder might attempt to exploit a security loophole or vandalize the gate to gain unauthorized access when it is unattended by the guard. What if you can solve all these concerns and still without the expensive cost of a European brand?

How to cheat a full height turnstile?
By stopping the arm just before it is locked back after the first authorized person exited, the intruder can reverse the rotation allowing himself to enter and pass through. The worse news is that this loophole can be repeatedly used after single valid access to allow UNLIMITED unauthorized entry since there is no guard at the site to stop it. MAG SLAR (single-level anti-reverse) lock design can prevent this loophole in our full height turnstile.


Work harder and longer for you
The additional heavy-duty shock absorber in our design effectively reduces impact and vibration due to rotational momentum during operation to cut down mechanical wear thus reducing your maintenance cost.

Work harder and longer for you

Stay secure while maintaining safety
You can manually unlock the turnstile during power failure to allow free arm rotation for a fast escape.

Lower cost transportation
The biggest dimension box is the tripod arm. Our arm is split into separate 3 pieces to lower transportation cost. You can easily assemble it back at the site.

Lower cost transportation2

Easier to accommodate project schedule
Unforeseen delay is common in most projects. You are worried about the extra storage/penalty cost if the gate arrives too early or too late. No more worry, MAG will keep stock for you. Just call us to collect the gate anytime when your site is ready. All gate is 100% QC tested as per our ISO9001 procedure just before your collection.

Start getting maximum security at your entrance at an affordable cost.


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